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Mary Kay/week 2 January 22, 2011

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Time-Wise Face Cleansing Set

Mary Kay is a business that specializes in the sale of  quality skin and body care, and makeup. This company, like many others, such as Melaleuca, promote and sell their products by word of mouth through their costumers. They also sell their products through beauty consultants who receive half off of their own product as a perk. This enables them to keep a high lifetime value of their customers. Basically, they assume that once the consumer starts using the facial cleansing set which is close to $80 dollars, they will continue throughout the rest of their life. Each set generally lasts 4 months so they would receive $240 a year from just one customer.

They use beauty consultants instead o store fronts due to the fact that they can spread out globally with far less expenses. They even have the potential to reach into small towns that otherwise get overlooked by many businesses. Since I myself am a consultant, they rely on me to spread the word about their product. There is another girl on my floor who also sells it, so one could say that Mary Kay has double the marketing ability that if they had a store somewhere in Minneapolis.

Their target market is very broad when it comes to age range, however very small when it comes to household income. That was one of the reasons I became a consultant so that I could get product half off. As a customer, I’m extremely pleased with the quality of their products.

The value they are conveying or promising is younger looking, and healthier skin. This generated interest to the extreme in our society where, in a woman’s world, beauty is the ultimate goal, coveted by most if not all women. This aspect alone creates consumer addiction when it comes to using and reusing their product. They are a direct sales industry.