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Bud Light March 21, 2011

Filed under: week 10 — valariehafner @ 9:07 am

1. Describe how the company/business used the four P’s to add value and/or
promote the product or service.

Product: Bud Light

Place: March Madness around 7:46

Promotion: The whole commercial shows young people  in bars, watching the game on the couch and at the beach. Every scene the phrase “here we go” is repeated in a positive or awed way

Price: not specified

2.   What industry(s) is the product or service a part of? Beer Industry

3.     Describe the target market (ie. what segments are being targeted)? People between the ages of 21 and 35 who drink and like to have fun.

4.     What unique value is the company trying to convey with the product or service? That Bud Light equals a good time and that it’s the popular choice.

5.     Does it work? Why or why not? Any general observations? Basically drilling their slogan into the viewers head it is showing a sort of touch point condensed in a 30 second commercial. Seeing it makes the viewer want to have fun as well and so they will think of Bud Light.


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