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Bud Light March 15, 2011

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Describe how the company/business used the four P’s to add value  and/or
promote the product or service.

Bud Light

March Madness between 8:00 and 8:35

Promotion: They show a commercial saying
they were going to advertise their product in 3d but the test results proved
too successful. The rest of the commercial is funny where they show guys and
women leaping for the 3d image of bud light and crashing into things. The
announcer than states “your welcome America as he twists off the beer top. At
the very end they show a well-endowed woman crash into the Plexiglas window for
that added sex appeal.

Price: not specified

2.   What industry(s) is the product or service a
part of?

3.   Describe the target market (ie. what segments
are being targeted)?
The commercial shows young adults, both male and female from
ages 21 to 35 but the commercial targets anyone who drinks beer as well.

4.     What
unique value is the company trying to convey with the product or service?
That Bud Light is so good that
these test subjects lose all intelligence and goes after the beer without
thinking cause they love it so much. When they did show the 3d images they
looked really good and appealed to the eyes of the viewer.

5.     Does
it work? Why or why not? Any general observations?
Yes, they not only use sex
appeal at the end but they also make the commercial funny to watch the whole
way through while keeping the viewers attention on the images that the test
subjects grab for.


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