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Snickers Peanut Butter Squared February 28, 2011

Filed under: Week 8 — valariehafner @ 9:09 pm

1.      Describe how the company/business used the four P’s to add value and/or promote the product or service.

Product: Snickers Peanut Butter Squared

Place: FX  “The Incredible Hulk” 8:06pm on Monday

Promotion: Shows a snickers focus group, but instead of people participating, there are sharks who are saying that the one guy tasted better, and the lady reveals that he is the one who had just eaten the snickers squared. The shark describes the taste of peanut butter and snickers. Then the announcer breaks in and the picture changes to the actual product isolated with a light yellow/orangish backdrop. The announcer says, “if you like chocolate and peanut butter you will love peanut butter and snickers”

 Price: not specified

2.   What industry(s) is the product or service a part of? Candy industry


3.   Describe the target market (ie. what segments are being targeted)? Age range of 16 to 38. People who like to snack at night who are in any class range. Possibly even people who enjoy Reeses peanut butter cups.


4.     What unique value is the company trying to convey with the product or service? That if you like chocolate and peanut butter you will love peanut butter and snickers. The shark skit was done to get the viewers attention since that is why humor is used in commercials.


5.     Does it work? Why or why not? Any general observations? Yes, not only is the commercial interesting and funny, it has a unique twist that you don’t see in a focus group. The way they isolate the candy bar to show its details makes you want one, especially at night when most people get cravings for something sweet.


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