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Grey Goose Vodka February 20, 2011

Filed under: Week 6 — valariehafner @ 4:10 am

1.      Describe how the company/business used the four P’s to add value  and/or promote the product or service.

 Product: Grey Goose Vodka

Price: Not specified

Promotion: They film the whole commercial in black and white. They make it classy and show an upper class roof  top party

Place: MTV

 2.      What industry(s) is the product or service a part of? Liquor/alcoholic beverage

 3.         Describe the target market (ie. what segments are being targeted)? Upper class people 28 to 35. These people are classy and have exquisite taste in what they wear, buy and do.

 4.         What unique value is the company trying to convey with the product or service? That if they drink this brand of Vodka they can have that lifestyle or are apart of that genre of people.

 5.         Does it work? Why or why not? Any general observations? Yes, they make drinking look sophisticated and the brand look appealing to upper class people.


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